Jawaharlal Nehru Avenue, Durgapur - 713214, Paschim Bardhaman, West Bengal, India

Affiliated to Kazi Nazrul University , Asansol

DST-FIST Sponsored & NAAC Accredited College with A Grade in 2017 (2nd Cycle) with UGC 12(B) and 2(f) status

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The Principal/Officer-in-charge in consultation with the Teachers’ Council constitutes a Library Advisory sub-committee for each academic session.

The composition of the committee for academic session 2016-17 is as follows:

1.           Dr.BhumikaKanjilal (Convenor); Assistant Professor of Philosophy

2.          Saradee Sengupta; Assistant Professor of Geology

3.          Kuntal Bhattacharya; Assistant Professor of Zoology

4.          Jayanta Kumar Mitra; Associate Professor of Commerce

5.          Nandini Jana; Assistant Professor of History

6.          Dr. Prabal Kumar Chattopadhyay; Assistant Professor of Geology

7.          Dr. Suchandra Sett Naidu; Assistant Professor of Botany

8.          Dr. Nivedita Acharjee; Assistant Professor of Chemistry

9.          Kamalica Mukherjee, Assistant Professor of History

10.     Pritha Goswami, Assistant Professor of Geology

11.      Sujoy Gayen, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

12.     Sumana Dutta, Assistant Professor of Zoology


The Library Advisory Committee provides guidance and suggestions related to the improvement of library facilities.


Some of the initiatives which have been implemented are as follows: 

·        Receiving Demand List from students/faculty members and considering the listed books therein before sending requisition to the purchase section

·        Feedback forms for library users

·       Increasing subscription of online books/ journals. Seven journals (printed and e-journals) were subscribed during the year 2015-16

·        E-books of different subjects to be loaded in the library computers

·       Information regarding national talent search competitions, job interviews, scholarships and other relevant information to be displayed on Library notice board.

·        Displaying of catalogues of important publishers and newspapers

·      Organization of Open-house discussion:Departments have started organizing open-house discussions for slow and advanced learners in the library. 

·       Initiative for digitalization of Library resources was taken by the institution as proposed by Librarian and the Library Sub-committee in the year 2016. One expert was also invited to provide training to the faculty members of Library Sub-committee regarding Data entry of KOHA software. The training was initially done to some extent but the total process could not be completed due to lack of funds. Proposal has been sent to the Government of West Bengal for allocation of funds.

·        Reprography facility was available in the library in the past, and will be restored shortly.


Following are some of the proposals sent to Officer in Charge for approval by the Library Sub-Committee after analyzing the feedbacks:

·        Separate timings to be allotted for different classes to avoid rush and chaos

·        Displaying of maps inside the library showing the racks for different subjects/ Labels according to subjects and topics

·        Organization of awareness programmes from academic session 2017-2018 to highlight the facilities available to the readers

·        Extension of Reading Space.

·        Proper preservation of old books which are out of print presently

·        Steps to be immediately taken to protect books from damp, worms etc.

·      Toilet, drinking water facilities to be made available inside the library for the library users.

·        Strict rules to be framed to retrieve books borrowed by students/ teachers/any other before they are released from the College.



Total area of the library: 517.2 square meter (Ground floor: 258.6 + First floor: 258.6)


Total seating capacity: 20 students at a time


Working hours of Library:


On working days: 8:00AM to 5:00PM (all working days)

During vacation: 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM


[Library remains closed during the holidays prescribed for non-vacational staff by Government of West Bengal]


Text books: 76,147 Nos.; Reference books: 3653 Nos.

Total no. of e-books: 25

Total no. of educational CDs: 114

Total no of Journals: 07

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